Welcome to Liam Ryan Race Nights
Our Race Nights bring the very best in fun and effective fund-raising nights to clubs and charities throughout the south of England.


It’s been said that everyone enjoys a flutter every now and then, which is why we bring the best in Ascot, Aintree and Epsom to your fund-raising night or corporate event.

With over a decade’s experience we know just how to present the perfect race evening that you and your friends will talk about for years to come. We provide everything you’ll need to enjoy the thrill of racing, including fun, banter and humour, just like you’re at a real race course.

It’s not all about horses either; our pig, trotting, greyhound and Afghan hound racing bring a change of pace to the proceedings. So whether you know all about horses or you’ve never heard of Red Rum, you’ll still have a great time.

We’ve provided this service to hundreds of clients over the years, including pubs, clubs, football clubs, golf clubs, schools, political parties and more. In fact, if there’s a need to raise money, we’ll go virtually anywhere!

Everyone benefits, too, with your charity or fund receiving a great boost while lucky punters can go home with money in their pocket and, best of all, everyone will have had a brilliant time!


We now do Bingo nights. Contact us for more details.


We also do Stand Up Bingo nights. Contact us for more details.

How the game works, is everyone stands up and then the numbers are shouted out as in a usual game of bingo. If a player has the number that has been called out then they sit down. The last person standing is the winner.


We now do Disco nights. Contact us for more details.


Our programme includes:

  • A full card of races from some of the biggest courses around
  • Full commentary
  • Introductions and banter to keep the evening flowing
  • Cash prizes
  • And the thrill of seeing your horse win!


For more information on how our Race Nights can help your charity, fund or company please call us on 07830 521779.

Contact us for more information about our services.


We would like to particularly thank Liam for running the whole show and making it all so amusing.

Thanks for your help last night and hope you got home safely.
Everyone had a great evening and including the raffle we raised a total of £1685 for Phabkids!

What a great result, thank you so much.

I will book another night very soon.

Thank you again it was a great night.

Thank you for a great evening, the girls loved it and we raised a nice little bit of money too!

Kind regards

Dear Liam,

Thank you SO much for coming and organising and running our Racenight. I am sorry about the microphone/accoustic problem, but I really don't think anyone was too bothered about it (except possibly my husband)! Just to let you know, I think we raised in the region of £1300 for the Charity despite some people not turning up....some of the Social Club members bought their fish and chips and that was great!

Hope you had a better journey home without the traffic and that you recovered after a sunny week end. Will be in touch if we decide to repeat the Racenight, or if I hear of anyone else who wants to run one.

With many thanks and best wishes

Thank you to you and your colleague for the great night we had on 15 September 2016 where a huge amount was raised for our London charity of the year FareShare. Everyone had a fantastic evening so thank you again for all your hard work!

Very successful night last night for our charity race night in aid of Cancer Research. We raised £527. Everyone seemed to have a great time, prizes were won and people were doing a bit of cheeky betting on horses dogs and pig!!

Thanks to Liam Ryan for coming down to provide us with the equipment to enable us to raise this much for a great cause!!

Thanks to everyone for participating any having fun!!!

Brilliant night!! Thank you ever so much for doing it and helping us raise the money!!! Great outcome!! Will definitely be using you again in the future!!

Hi Liam,

First of all, thanks so much for running our race night last night – it went really well and we’ve had lots of positive feedback.

Dear Liam,

A massive thank you for the great night we had on Friday 6th March, we raised £3,300 pounds, brilliant night and great fun, everyone enjoyed the night.

Thanks again, very very successful night.

Dear Liam,

A huge thank you for Friday night again – it was a very successful evening and you really got the punters going!! We raised an incredible £650 on the night, so everyone is absolutely delighted.

Many thanks again and I hope to be in touch again some time to arrange another race night.

Wishing you all the very best

Kind regards


Thanks for the great job you did for us, just to let you know we raised over £6000 in total.

We will definitely use you again in the future.

Thanks again


Liam a chara,

Our successful Charity Race Night raised just under £2000.

None of us had ever been involved in organising a race night. The reason we made this much money was because you gave us lots of ideas, copies of different types of race cards, posters and other materials and encouraged us to get all the sponsorship and to sell all the horses before the race. We also had a large raffle.

You explained how many people we would need to take the bets and to pay out. On the night you arrived on time despite suffering from an abscess and worked hard to make the night a success.

Many thanks

Hi Liam,

It was a pleasure to meet you as well and thank you for running the show for us on Saturday. It was a very enjoyable evening and it was a successful fundraiser for the club.

Many thanks for all your work and for a great evening.


Hi Liam,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for running the event on Friday.

Everyone had a fantastic evening and really enjoyed the races!
Hope you found your way home OK and had a good weekend.

Best wishes